H-Artistry ‘The Global Art Of Mixing’ Finale @ Quattro

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I’ve got a confession to make. I’m still recovering from my last H-Artistry. In my dreams late at night, Fatman Scoop is coming to get me. So it with a bit of reluctance, I went for the finale at Quattro.

Since it was a free flow event, I expected the hordes. And there they were when I arrived, bloggers included. My first drink took 20 minutes to arrive which was actually pretty good. I managed to get the bartender to top me off on the spot and ta pau-ed 3 more from some friends who were too self important to queue up.

Inside, drinks came easier partly because there was a bar in a dimly lit corner that most people overlooked. So I parked myself down and tried to enjoyed the show.

I wasn’t much of a Korean pop lover so I gave Hsiao Hung Jen a miss. Ditto for Paul Freeman whom I heard over Myspace and thought was over dramatic.

Lenka did manage to cheer me up though. She was cute and had good melodies. But above all, she’s cute (the Ed thinks she’s a genetic contruct). Lenka’s one of those free-spirited gals. You know, the ones that grew up in the wilderness, raised by hippie parents and date nerdy guys because they enjoy their quirkiness. And her old band Decoder Ring rocks as well! Lily Allen move over.

Then Boys Like Girls came on and my stomach turned. Teenage-packaged-pop rock just doesn’t suit my jaded ears very well. But the people loved them, especially the girls. It looked like a salmon dance up front with the girls in their high heels swaying their bodies and arms but firmly rooted.

This was actually a good show … if I were 17. But hey, pop floats right? Or was that hope?

H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ Finale went down at Quattro on Friday 2 October 2009. Checkout our gallery for pretty pics.

Image Fotoworx