H-Artistry @ MIECC, Mines Resort City

We at JUICE, we’re lazy people, we like the idea of going to a party that’s relatively close by. So the thought of braving the distance and going all the way to Mines Resort City? Dude, it’s so far away that it’s technically a country of its own. But H-Artistry was throwing the party of all parties to round off the year and there was definitely no excuse for us to partay so we quit our whining and bucked up like a real (wo)man and made our way to the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Images Hennessy

The traffic was crazy and parking proved to be difficult as expected. This party better be good! Luckily the distance and the time wasted finding for a parking spot was well worth it. Hennessy pulled out all the stops to pimp up the hall exhibition hall and the place was packed to the brim. In the main area there was a huge runway and a stage while on the sides there were 4 different VIP areas, cleverly marked V, S, O and P (it took us a while to figure that out). Park Jung Ming from Korea got the ball rolling after a group of dancers hyped the crowd on stage. There sure was a lot Kpop fan girls present, they were screaming and cheering for the pretty boy as he did his thang on stage. And then, the Hennessy revelers took it up a notch when Taiwanese star Landy Wen came on stage. The entire exhibition hall was singing along as Landy sang and danced throughout her set in sequinned hot pants, no less. Who says we Asians can’t dance? That girl’s got the moves.

Many might not been familiar with singer Chris Willis, but once he started singing you could see people collectively going “Ohh, that guy.” As a prominent feature in David Guetta’s hits, the crowd went crazy as he sang Guetta hits like “Love Is Gone” and ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go’. He even performed the star studded Guetta hit that featured Fergie of Black Eyed Peas ‘Getting Over You’. We were even surprised to see local boy SonaOne on stage with him! There was a girl on stage that sang over Fergie’s part – we wished we knew her name, we though she sang it better than The Dutchess herself.

Up next, Yolanda Be Cool took to the stage in their matching tuxedo suits was reminiscent of another DJ duo, 2Manydjs. Coincidence maybe? Their most successful track to date ‘We No Speak Americano’ filled the hall followed by a set filled with Top 40 type club hits. We’ve seen DJs far and wide from across the globe, but we love our local boys best. Goldfish & Blink was in the building with their first track of their hour long set – ‘KL In Da House’ that featured Altimet and Ze! Had our fingers crossed for ‘Seharusnya’ with Hujan vocalist Noh but it didn’t pop up. Oh well. We still love them though! We raise our glasses to yet another exciting party from Hennessy. We sure can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for us in 2012.

H-Artistry was held @ MIECC, Mines Resort City on 12 November 2011. For more pix check out our gallery!