Guns N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Tour in Singapore

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The sweet children (but now full grown adults) of rock music are bringing their Not In This Lifetime Tour to the paradise city that is Singapore next year in February. Even though their reputation, well, Axl Rose’s specifically, has not been the greatest thanks to having an ego as big as the hats he dons, we’re sure this show will be a memorable one for fans of Guns N’ Roses who will have the opportunity to pretend to play the riff to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ or ‘November Rain’ in the presence of Slash himself, amongst other experiences. You’d be lying to yourself if doing that weren’t the most important experience of the concert though. As expected, ticket prices will leave some guests handicapped as they cost an arm and a leg; pricing is split into three divisions, beginning with Pen B at SGD199 (approx. RM599), Pen A at SGD298 (RM897), and VIP GA at SGD568 (RM1710). Be wise.

More information on the event here

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