Gundam Turns 30!

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For those who are too young to know or just don’t have any idea what this is, meet Gundam. A metaseries of Japanese anime featuring giant robots or ‘mecha’ and produced by Sunrise studios, Gundam the TV series started in April 1979 as Mobile Suit Gundam. The boys’ toy proved so popular aong its audience that it became a lifestyle favourite quickly turned into novels, video games and more. But it doesn’t get any bigger than this. A 18-meter-high ‘life-sized’ Gundam was built to attract crowds at Tokyo’s Odaiba to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the animated television series.

Initially set up on 9 June moster Gundam reportedly draws hundreds, nay thousands of visitors a day. The iconic and gargantuan RX-78-2 Gundam weighs 35 tons and its head can move and emit light or smoke. Wow! Too bad it doesn’t destroy evil people. Set to be officially unveiled on 11 July and left to terrorise the streets of Tokyo until 31 August, if you’re in the city go pay a visit. It’s free!

Check out the official Mobile Suit Gundam 00 site right here.

Source The Mainichi Daily News

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