GRWM: My Kissproof, Clinique-Only Routine For A Killer First Date Look

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Let’s admit it – Getting ready for a first date as you dive into the pool of romantic possibilities is a canon event for almost every adolescent woman. I’d go so far as to say that prepping for the date is often more fun than the actual outing, but I might just be going out with the wrong men…

Either way, ready to dive into a makeup routine that’s all about feeling confident, cute, and ready to conquer that first date? Picture this: an Olivia Rodrigo playlist in the background, a mirror as your canvas, and a handful of Clinique products ready to work their magic. We’re about to unlock my staple “Clinique Crush” routine – simple, sassy, and just the right amount of “I woke up like this.”

Step 1: Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator – Dry Spells Begone!

Before we dive into the glam, let’s talk realness. We’re on a mission to avoid the dreaded “cakey” look at all costs. Enter Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator.

Lately, I’ve also been opting for daytime dates at open spaces such as the park or even the zoo (major green flag if he’s into capybaras), and this gives way to humidity and dryness.

But believe me, this is like your all-in-one secret weapon – the perfect first step that nourishes your skin whilst setting your base, and ensuring the foundation goes on smooth, not like you just wandered in from the desert.

Whether you’re hunting for a long-term partner or just here for the ride (no judgment zone, remember?), we’re nixing dry vibes from the equation.

Step 2: Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation – Shade 65 Neutral (M-G) – Your Bold Canvas

source: Byrdie

Now, let’s lay down the foundation – both literally and metaphorically. Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20/PA+++ in shade 65 Neutral (M-G) is your finishing touch over freshly moisturised skin. Think of it as the armour you don before stepping onto the battlefield of first dates. It’s like saying, “I’m ready for whatever this evening throws at me – spills, laughs, and everything in between.”

Remember, if your foundation is strong, your whole look is, too!

Also noteworthy is that I’ve found myself in multiple occasions where my dates spontaneously reach out to pinch my cheek and gently caress my face, and I’m proud to say that my face has always, and thanks to Clinique, always will be – a no-smudge zone.

Step 3: Almost Lipstick – Your Lips, Your Rules

source: Thisyouneed

Lips? You see, babe, we’re not just here to follow the crowd. Swipe on that Almost Lipstick in my custom blend of Pink Honey and Black Honey – it’s like your personal visual battle cry. Subtle enough to intrigue, and bold enough to show you mean business.

If you were wondering… Yes, I’m a Libra and yes, it is embedded in my fickle nature to struggle with choosing out the perfect lip shades for certain events, but in this case, trust me! With this combo, edgy meets irresistible – leaving you with a look that says you’re up for anything.

Plus, I’m not saying you should be kissing on your first date but every so often we lose our inhibitions and give in to the sneaky strides of attraction… And subtly tinted, moisturised, natural-looking lips become your BFF.

Step 4: Cheek Pop Blush in Cola Pop – More Than Cheeks

source: Temptalia

Now, for the grand finale – the Cheek Pop Blush in Cola Pop. The shade is beautiful in itself, my personal fav among the range, but the best part of it is how long-lasting and versatile the product is.

I usually like to play up my eyes when I’m out, but on dates, where lots of eye contact is involved, I tend to go a little mellow as to not intimidate my partner. Instead, I turn the attention to my lips and cheeks, effortlessly upping my smile game in the process.

Here’s the kicker: apply a hint to your lips while they’re still dewy. This isn’t just about beauty; it’s about creating a seamless, natural flow. Lock in that extra hint of colour that says, “I’m here,” while the subtlety whispers, “Guess you’ll have to get closer to know more.” 😉

A close-up of my finished look!

So there you have it – my “Clinique Crush” routine – your arsenal for an edgy, unforgettable first date look. With this ritual and a dose of confidence in your back pocket, you better be prepping yourself for your Y/N era because you’re now the hero of your very own Wattpad romance.

May your cherished moments last longer than your lipstick – although, with Clinique in your corner, that might be quite the challenge…

Psst – if you’re looking for a visual step-by-step for this look, check out our GRWM clip on TikTok!