Grum: Runaway

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Not much is known about emerging electronic producer Graeme Shepherd (Grum) except that he makes awesome mixes. Hailing from Leeds, UK, he serves his own unique blend of disco house with an electro vibe. And the man has already made a name for himself from the remixes he did of Late of The Pier and Friendly Fires. His lead single ‘Runaway’ off his new album is a dancefloor hazard waiting to happen with blasting synths and refrained bass. Like his multilayered music, Grum himself as an artist is forward-thinking. He’s made his new record’s artwork into a 2D barcode that when snapped with your mobile phone using certain software, can allow you to instantly listen to high quality streams of his music, with the option of buying them there as well. Technology rocks our socks once again!

Strap on your laces and ‘Runaway’ (Heartbeats Records) with Grum at

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