Grow a Mo & Save a Bro for No-Shave November

Images 99centrazor + Vanity Fair

It’s the second last month of the year – where most Valentine’s Day babies are born and most men are at their scruffiest due to No Shave November. However, there’s more significance to it than who can grow the longest beard and moustache, so if you’ve been growing a mo naturally every November, this is what it really stands for.

(Source: The University Star)

A unique way to grow awareness on cancer and also men’s health in general (cause that shit’s important), Movember encourages both men and women to participate by putting down your razor for the month – embracing your body hair, something many cancer patients lose during treatment. Instead of spending money on personal grooming for the month, the cause encourages you to donate to charities that help with cancer treatment so you can put your waxing appointment up on hold.

Being entirely web-based, Movember is probably the easiest way to spread the message across to everyone on your social media list. As the saying goes, “it’s time to give your nuts a voice,” cause there’s a list of common health issues that men face such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and even mental health issues, if you aren’t already aware.

Although we’re still not that big on Movember, Malaysians are aware of No-Shave November enough to grow a beard and also hold events like the shave-off one Pisco Bar did last year. The movement has also been getting recognition worldwide thanks to Movember Worldwide – the only charity that tackles men’s health “on a global scale, all year round.” They also have a goal “to stop men from dying too young,” with statistics showing that men die on average of six years earlier than women.