Green Room State of Mind @ Replacement

You are always guaranteed a good time when it comes to Heineken. Their latest venture is Green Room State of Mind, a series of 3 events leading up to the main event on 1 August 2009 called Heineken Green Room. This latest project allows KL’s leading independent boutique owners to conceive fashion installations that they will able to display when each boutique hosts a private party in July before it is exhibited at the main even in Zouk. The first of the series kick started with a bang at Replacement, Bangsar. JUICE‘s Miranda reports.

To know that a party is going to be held at boutique and salon Replacement is a comforting thing. You expect no less than neat drinks, good food, good friends and a great time, and Replacement is no different. Come alone, and you’ll be sure to meet people there, and so there were – pouring down the stairway into the walkway on the ground floor.

After many hellos leading up to the entrance, I was handed a Heineken bag with serial number. It also doubles up as my Heineken Green Room invite for the August 1 shebang with Filthy Dukes and Verbal among others. “See this number here? This is your invite number. You’re officially #82!” Natasha Nair, of Compass Communications explains. I’m assuming all invitees will have to tote this bag on the day, but she reassures me and says that that isn’t necessary and the bag is just a gift. Sweet.

With a cold Heineken in hand, I find a good spot to warm up and pick near the speakers for some pumping music from Xu. Everyone is dressed to the nines, and after taking a closer look at Replacement’s environmentally inspired installment ( a mannequin head with headphones on turning on a fan), I spot familiar faces like Childson and Maggie (who will host their own Green Room party the following week at their boutique MNEP, the TAG crew, and Blink, one half of The Blink & Goldfish Show that will also perform at Heineken Green Room.

On the mic was Reefa, hip hop MC to introduce, Replacement boutique owner Ricco and his gang and elaborate on what’s in store this coming Heineken Green Room. The names of the acts must have been a mouthful because Reefa was having trouble pronouncing Filthy Dukes properly. Either that or…. With good vibes spinning around the room like Xu’s bouncing setlist, If this was an indication of what’s to come on 1 August, then bring it! I can’t wait.

Heineken Green Room State Of Mind in Bangsar went down on Wednesday 8 August at Replacement, 5-1 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100, KL. More on Replacement at Check Get more Heineken at To check out the fun you missed, hit up the gallery.