Green Room State of Mind @ MNEP

It was the pre-session to the big Green Room event held on August 1. Subang’s MNEP was one of the 3 boutiques selected by Heineken Green Room to participate in the events’ art-based project. Showcasing music-inspired fashion, Green Room State of Mind brought the 2 together again after previous projects by Bombshelter Studios, KinkyBlueFairy and Lapsap.

Hosted by rapper and MC Reefa, chill-out café/fashion outlet MNEP was the 2nd boutique in the July- spanning State Of Mind campaign and represented with a series of 3 backlit digital prints. Called Music Evolution, it starts with Year Zero featuring an ape that like a Fatboy Slim vid quickly evolves through various develpmental stages: in this case captured through moments in fashion and music history, freeze framed in Beatles era, an 80s Michael Jackson and the iPod-nu rave imagery.

Boutique co-founder Maggie Pang said of the work, “It links together fashion and music in each era, and shows the circle of styles and music going in and out of fashion.” We couldn’t agree more. JUICE‘s Breakout DJ act, the fashionable SalahWrong were on hand to rock up the decks with a happy-core set. The location, out in Subang, meant that this was one event not crowded with the usual suspects, making it all that more interesting what with opportunities to make new friends. The new and improved Subang has stepped it up once again. Thanks Childson and Maggie for MNEP.

Green Room State of Mind was held at MNEP on Wednesday, 15 July. Check it out at MNEP, 79C, SS15C/8A, Subang Jaya, 45700, Selangor and at or click here for JUICE’s lowdown on this venue. More Heineken at for more. More pics here.