Graham Coxon to Release New Album

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If you don’t know who Graham Coxon is, then you were probably the kid that did all his homework before it’s due or spent most of his childhood in a library sans music. Graham Coxon is a great guitarist from the band Blur – yes the one that made horn rimmed glasses cool and gave you ‘Beetlebum’ and its very wicked chops.

JUICE is in love with Graham Coxon simply because he isn’t your atypical nerd. For one thing he’s got massive music talent (he is famous for single-handedly recording his last 6 solo albums without much help from other session musicians) and he’s best friends with people who you’d die to be associated with, like Damon Albarn and Pete Doherty (look what he did for Kate Moss’ once upon a time, flailing career).

Although he split from Blur in 2002 due to conflicts with other band members and his alcohol abuse, the group joined forces again in 2008 and is set to release tour dates this year. Yeah baby! Graham Coxon is also said to have not only helped Pete Doherty produce his solo album Grace/Wasteland but has also played a part in helping Doherty rehabilitate from his Escobar-like ways. Someone give this guy a friggin’ award already!

The Spinning Top is Coxon’s 7th album and it’s a concept album produced by Stephen Street (don’t we already have a movie called Spinning Gasing?) that follows the life of a man from birth to death. The 15-track primarily acoustic LP, released on 11 May, has yet to reach our shores, but its first single ‘Sorrow’s Army’ is due out soon on 18 May.

Check out his interview at here or listen to tracks from his latest album by logging on to

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