Graffiti Never Dies

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They can spray over it or wash it off with industrial cleaners… Graffiti in KL continues to blossom at locations least expected. After running an extensive report on street art in our April issue, trust veteran graffiti writer Tha-B of the Super Sunday Crew to hit us back with some new pieces.

Apparently, a UK film crew were down recently to do a documentary on graffiti in our region. Being the go-to man for graf in Malaysia, Tha-B took the foreign filmakers on an impromtu bombing of his favourite spot at Sg Kelang.

The original 200 meter Sg Kelang masterpiece featured in our April issue was created collectively by 22 graffiti artists bombing over a night in August 2007. However, it was erased by the DBKL just days before the general election of March 2008.

For the full story, click here.

Images Tha-B