Grab A Mystery Gift by Hunting Down These Smart Vending Machines Around Klang Valley

What do on-the-go people need most in their lives?

Convenience! And what’s more convenient than getting all of your essentials from a vending machine?


The SpaceX Smart Vending Machine is a user-friendly automated cashless machine that provides healthcare items at MediBox vending machines at any time and anywhere.

The vending machines have a 55-inch large interactive HD screen to provide ease for all of their users.

It is sprinkled across 200 locations in Klang Valley – ranging from shopping malls, colleges and universities, and offices – and it comes from a high-quality, innovative company, first to market, and creates value for its customers.

The main purpose of these smart vending machines is to provide users with something quick to use, eat or drink since they provide more than just food and beverages.

Currently, they are having a campaign called Let’s Flash X It! with the fitting tagline, ‘Scan, Flash and Grab’ where customers can stand a chance to receive a mystery gift.

All you gotta do is follow these easy steps.

  1. Scan a special QR code from our campaign visuals at social media or at their smart vending machine.
  2. Fill in your details after the scanning process via the link provided.
  3. Receive the redemption QR code via email or SMS.
  4. Redeem the mystery gift by scanning the redemption QR at the vending machine.

This campaign will last from 18 Oct 2022 until 17 Nov 2022 so grab a friend and go on a hunting adventure to spot these vending machines while stock lasts!

If it is out of stock, don’t worry! You can still try other machines or come back the next week to claim your free gift!

Be sure to use these hashtags too #XOX #CocaCola #DutchLady

For more information on SpaceX, click here.