Grab A Badger Tee

A whale is a mammal. A badger is a tee. Confused? First established in Bandung in 1999, Badger, Indonesia’s hottest streetwear label has finally hit KL. Available alongside sub-labels Anti-Beauty and Voltra, you can check out the merch up close at the Badger Malaysia showroom in Uptown Damansara. Featuring retro inspired design motifs with a strong graphic attitude, Badger have already found fans in local band Estranged and Indonesian bands Nidji and Peter Pan. And their about to find a fan in you.

JUICE is giving away 1 Badger tee. To get your furry mitts on it, just tell us what your favourite animal is and why.

Send in your answers along with your full name, IC and handphone number pronto to [email protected] with the subject title “Badger Me”.

The closing date for entries is Friday 31 July 2009. All winners will be notified by Monday 17 August 2009.