Goyte: Easy Way Out

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Like his unpronounceable name, Goyte (pronounced as “gore-ti-yeah” like Jean-Paul Gaultier, the French fashion designer) is a singular find. Born in Belgium with the name Wouter De Backer (more known as Wally), the Australian based music-making mutant is big! With releasing ‘Easy Way Out‘, his first single from his forthcoming album ‘Making Mirrors‘, he is ready to ‘con the world’. Goyte describes his music as passion, invention and sheer life-altering brilliance. We do too. Hear it once and you’ll be haunted by his music for weeks.

Goyte recorded and produced his music on his own label, in his own bedroom. Yes, he’s wicked. His latest single ‘Easy Way Out‘ will be released on November 28, while the animated clip is now out online, check it out.

Find more Goyte at www.goyte.com.