Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy: ‘DoYaThing’ Video Premiere

The Gorillaz are on their way to becoming very, very real! The video for their collaboration with Andre 3000 (Outkast) and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) shows us what the Gorillaz household is probably like. 2D is the big brother who looks after everyone, while Noodle sleeps like a sweet little girl, Russel is as big as the house, and Murdoc is a regular old Gollum around the house. They all look super realistic, and you almost want to reach out and touch them.. Ah, the magic of 3D!

‘DoYaThing’ is a part of Converse’s ongoing Three Artists. One Song. series, and what a collaboration it is! The video, directed by award-winning designer and Gorillaz co-creator James Hewlett, also features James’ virtual interpretations of Andre 3000 and James Murphy. It’s a weird and wonderful mix of the virtual world and the real world. A pair of shoes from the Converse X Gorillaz line also makes an appearance, so look out for them!

Get sucked into the world of the Gorillaz in the video for ‘DoYaThing’ below.