Good News Guys, UberEATS is Finally Available in Malaysia!

Food delivery services are always appreciated, especially when you don’t feel like braving through massive traffic or simply hate putting pants on to go out (we feel ya). So, what’s a lazy bum to do? Call UberEATS of course, now that it’s available in the heart of the city. The popular food delivery service is now in Kuala Lumpur, and they’ve gathered some pretty dang good selections to satisfy our insatiable Malaysian appetite.

Existing Uber users are in luck cause all you have to do upon downloading the UberEATS application is to sign in with your Uber account. Non-Uber users on the other hand can just register a new account and key in your address to help them know where to deliver the food to. Although delivery destinations are still limited, we’re sure Uber Malaysia will fill in the gaps soon enough so those outside of KL can enjoy the convenience of this service.

However, those of you who reside or work in KL can take your pick from this list:

Krispy Kreme

Whoever thought about including this in the UberEATS menu is a genius. You’ve got the original glazed donuts up for grabs, in both one dozen and half dozen packs for a donut party at home or the office. Not just that, there’s also the variety box which is fantastic if you’re the indecisive type.


For a well balanced Asian fusion cuisine, look no further than Wondermama and their generous serving of local delicacies mixed with a bit of foreign flavours. Their salads are hearty, but if you’re extremely hungry, there’s always good old Nasi Lemak or Golden Salted Egg Yolk Fried Rice to fill you up.

Wok It @ Grind 22

Customise your own fried noodles or fried rice with the Wok It box, where you are allowed to take your pick on which source of protein you’d like, and what sauces as well as vegetables to go with it. The Chinese-takeout-style box is packaging goals, but the content within will keep you ordering more.

Baba Low’s

When it comes to authentic Baba Nyonya food, Baba Low’s is where its at. The Nyonya Laksa has a nice thick broth to ensure satisfaction and if you’re ever feeling a little under the weather, the Ayam O served with rice or noodles is the perfect dish to help cure any unease and sickness.

The Good Co.

Channel your inner health or fitness enthusiast by opting for an acai bowl (which is actually really healthy by the way), soups, sandwiches or salad pots that taste as good as they look. Order early though, as The Good Co. closes at 5.30pm, so you don’t miss out on anything.

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There’s also a rad but hidden Korean restaurant somewhere along the streets of Ampang that opens until 4am. Learn more about it here