PHOTOS: Henry Golding & Dakota Johnson Share Smoldering Romance In Upcoming ‘Period Piece’ Film

source: Netflix

Ah, Henry Golding.

The Sarawakian-British actor made his mark in cinematic history with blockbuster hits like Crazy Rich Asians and Snake Eyes.

But the charming hunk isn’t done just yet- with less than a month till the release of Persuasion on Netflix, the streaming platform has launched the first trailer, poster, and photos for the film.

The romantic period piece directed by Carrie Cracknell stars Golding alongside Lady Macbeth‘s Cosmo Jarvis and Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot.

“I almost got married once,” says Johnson in the trailer, pining for Captain Frederick Wentworth, played by Jarvis.

“There were no two souls more in rhythm than Wentworth and I, and I was persuaded by my family to give him up.”

In some shots, the Fifty Shades of Grey star is seen subtly breaking the fourth wall in a Fleabag-esque way, no doubt leading the new contemporary and insightful take on the novel.

Check out some artsy stills from the film, courtesy of Netflix:

The film’s plot follows Anne, a woman who must decide whether to put her past behind her or follow her heart when the man she was persuaded not to marry eight years earlier returns.

Golding, on the other hand, plays the dubious Mr. William Elliot, Anne’s distant relative and heir to Kellynch Hall.

Mr. Elliot, well-mannered, dapper, and looking for a new bride after his wife’s demise, sets his sights on Anne, ready to use his charisma to win her heart.

Will he, however, be ready to contend with the modest Captain Frederick Wentworth, who has held Anne’s heart for the past eight years?

Guess we’ll have to find out.

Golding also told Vogue about his role in Persuasion, “For me, the role of Mr. Elliot was just too juicy to say no to – he’s such a naughty, roguish spanner in the works.

“Because you know you’re not going to end up with the girl, you can really let loose with it all.

“He’s such a strong character because you never know what he’s thinking or what motivates him – he just changes his mind on a dime. I was having a wonderful time.”

source: Netflix

The upcoming film is based on Jane Austen’s 1817 novel of the same name. As her final book before her passing, it is regarded as one of her greatest and most sophisticated literary works.

Although both the book and the movie are set in the Regency era of Britain, Vogue reports that the film will take some “joyous artistic licence.”

One of the major elements in Persuasion is the concept of a chance at redemption with love or the need to wait until the right time comes to be with someone you adore. This is exemplified by the romance between the three main characters.

The trio can be seen in this contentious love story on Netflix, on its official premiere date set at July 15.