Goldfish & Blink: Self-Titled

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The 8-track album (plus 4 bonus remixes) begins with a club banger that we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. ‘In The House’ is one of the first few tracks by them that have been circulating online after the release of the music video. The track is a collaboration with one of KL’s ambassadors of hip hop, Altimet, and up and coming rising queen of electro; ZE!. We can see how everyone would go crazy when the bit with the pitch-bent dirty bass line drops at the end.

The album also presents the first Malay language dubstep song that features Noh Salleh from rock band Hujan. We got to catch the music video for the track at the album launch party and it does look like this song is here to stay as a club staple for a while. Right after this track is another party anthem, ‘Rave’. Filled with energy from start till end, the song features one of the best rappers in town SonaOne along with the all rounded and very loud Arabyrd on the vocals. The track is dirty, gritty and most importantly, LOUD.

Another track that caught our attention was ‘The Light’, which is a collaboration with fast and rising new act Darren Ashley. This song is like a rollercoaster taking you from a melodic trancey breakdown to a heavy hitting electro bassline driven hook. They definitely had the clubs in mind for this track. As good as this was, it’s Darren’s own remix of the track that manages to be the definitive highlight of the album for us.

JUICE is proud of our boys Goldfish & Blink for achieving quality sounding tracks with collaborations from many talented acts (and they’re local to boot). Get your copy now in support of what could be our first EDM superstars (if they aren’t already).

LISTEN TO: ‘The Light’, ‘Rave’, ‘In the House’
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