Go On A Blind Date With A Book!

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My Date Is A Book sells both new and secondhand books. Its pricing differs according to the condition of the book but nothing is priced more than RM20, which is a huge bargain, and they carry English and Bahasa Malaysia titles as well. This is no ordinary online bookshop though — owner Arlina Arshad was inspired by a book movement that was happening overseas and on Tumblr whereby books are covered up so readers wouldn’t be able to judge them based on their exterior, but by the synopses which are written on the front cover instead. Of course, she didn’t want to outright mimic that trend, instead she wanted her approach to be a little different and mysterious. So in lieu of a synopsis, she picks a quote from the respective novels rather than writing their story outlines (as pictured above). While the service currently operates via its website and through pop-up markets, there are plans to set up shop in the near future. Check out its FAQ page to have a rough idea of this company’s  sense of humour. Bibliophiles, take note!

Check the Tumblr/Instagram-worthy photos out below:




Set your date via www.mydateisabook.com.

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