Go Green Day

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We’re declaring it Green Day today just because we have the power to do so! And if you’re a fan, then pop in a Green Day CD and dance around like a ‘Basket Case’. And if you’re not one, maybe you just need to get to know them better.

Go ahead and click on Features to read about the band making a comeback with their new album 21st Century Breakdown and about their first tour after their 3-year hiatus. Hit the Sounds channel and see what  JUICE thought about the album. In Fashion, we give you the 411 on Green Day’s frontman, Billy Armstrong’s style. And while it’s no current news, we highlight the band’s effort in keeping the environment in their namesake. Finally, take a walk down memory lane as we look through Green Day’s cover graphics throughout the years in Design.

Enjoy ‘Chumps’!

If you’re hungry for more, then log on to www.greenday.com, or click here to connect to their official webby.

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