What went down: Global pres. The Twelves

 After a succession of amazing sets by international and local DJs, electronic dance music on Friday nights at Zouk has never been the same. Last week, Global brought us The Twelves, all the way from Rio de Janeiro. Known best for remixing a variety of songs, ranging from La Roux, The Beatles, and Nirvana among many others, Brazilian DJ duo The Twelves are famous for tantalising your audio sensations, schmoozing the floor with nothing but your best moves. It was the first time we were treated to indie disco sounds in Zouk. The major turnout was to be expected as the duo has received critical acclaims from Spin magazine, dubbing them as one of the ’25 Must-Hear Artists at Coachella 2011’. Unfortunately, due to a family problem, João Miguel was unable to make it. Thankfully, Luciano Oliveira kept the show onboard at Zouk last Friday.

Opening the night, local DJs XU and JeeHoe dropped their set, reining in the mad crowd. Passing deck duties to Luciano, he wasted no time working the crowd up to infectious tracks. Flying solo for 2 hours straight, Luciano played deep nu disco sounds, with groovy beats. The unmistakable trademarks of The Twelves were resounding, with their own Rapture and Metric remixes. As The Twelves have been dubbed the ‘Brazilian Daft Punk’, Luciano reiterated that name with Daft Punk’s ‘Burning’. Simply put, we could not be satiated. Even though we were only served one half of duo, it was an unforgettable night for Zouk’s crowd. Word.


The Twelves (or rather, just Luciano Oliveira) swept the crowd away @ Zouk on 18 November 2011. Check out the photos here.