Global pres. Diplo (Major Lazer) @ Zouk

When we first caught wind that Diplo (also one half of Major Lazer) would be paying us a visit at Zouk we were half expecting it to be a cruel prank someone was playing on us. To our delight, Wes Pentz aka Diplo really was planning to head our way.  The day couldn’t have come any sooner and we finally met this swoon worthy DJ  face-to-face – the man (well, one of) who has created a string of exciting club hits akin to a breath of fresh air in today’s jaded music scene.

And he wasn’t alone! Although Switch was MIA (geddit?) Diplo wasn’t alone. He brought his entourage him comprising of Major Lazer’s hype man Skerrit Bwoy and the Major Lazer MC. There were 3 questions that was overheard in Terrace Bar that night before Zouk opened its doors to eager partygoers:

First conversation: “Who is Major Lazer?” said one and the one who replied tried to hum Pon Da Floor to his friend. The 2nd question went “I heard Skerrit Bwoy is here! Wonder if anyone is daggerin’ tonight?” and the last question – although totally unrelated (yet crucial to this story): “Who’s going to win?! Portugal or Brazil?” Why did we have to mention that last question? You see, when Zouk opened its doors to the main room, it was practically empty. Come on, people! Diplo and our amazing openers Lapsap and Goldfish was here to give us an unforgettable night and most of the crowd was huddled at Terrace watching the Brazil vs Portugal match?!

Thankfully the match ended just before Diplo entered the building. Phew! We also managed to catch a word with Diplo at Zouk headquarters, him looking quite amused with Major Lazer being cover boys on JUICE‘s ‘Asian Pride’ issue. “I am the most proud asian –ever! I think it’s pretty funny – I didn’t even know I was asian. I dated Asian girls before, though. I’m Asian by association!”

After some cam whoring with Diplo and entourage it was finally time to get the party started! With Diplo spinning his awesome tracks like ‘Pon De Floor’  and our personal favourite ‘Keep It Goin’ Louder’ and with a generous helping of dubstep it was a great night! It was a bummer that a lot of the party goers weren’t moving on the dancefloor. Oh, but we did see some of you daggerin’, alright!

At the end of the night JUICE asked Diplo for a parting message for us, to which he said “Its our first time so, thanks for having us! This is a really strange country for me because its one country I don’t know much about and I can’t even figure out what it looks in the map. I’m really proud of my geography skills but this country is a totally mystery and its really pretty, filled with awesome people and it is also a scary country. I like it a lot and its got a lot of good ingredients to becoming a good country – scary and pretty!”

Will we be seeing Major Lazer/Diplo again? “Yup if we don’t get jailed for daggerin’, then probably we will be back!” To that, Diplo made his way of the building with a peace sign and a copy of JUICE in hand. Peace out.

Global pres. Major Lazer/Diplo Live was held at Zouk KL on 25 Juine 2010. For more pics check out our gallery!