Girls: Broken Dreams Club (Matador)

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Here another piece of excellent new music for you. A collection of 6 heart-breaking songs about losing love and loneliness by none other than San Fran sleaze hipsters, Girls. Get out your hanky-s, please.

The EP is supposed to give us an insight of what to expect from the band’s upcoming album. And coming from the jangled psych pop of 2009’s Album, it seems the that duo of Christopher Owens and Chet White have grown up in the short year or two. While simple lines like “I just want to get high, but everyone keeps bringing me down” still roam their melodies, their hooks and taste for vintage American soul pop have gotten more refined. Musically challenging for a band that could have easily done another fuzzed up, covered-up shamrock; you’ll hear a variety of not-so-indie instruments on this EP like steel pedal guitars, Hammond organs and mariachi horns.

Broken Dreams Club is a beautiful downer of an album. And you know hipsters feel that way all the time. Especially with Christmas coming and all…

Listen to: ‘Thee Oh So Protective One’ & ‘Broken Dreams Club’

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Rating: 3 1/2

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