Girl Talk: All Day (Illegal Art)

Girl Talk is like that nerdy music friend of yours who sits in his basement and makes playlists for everything on his mac, except Girl Talk, or Greg Gilles, uses 7 million songs in 71 minutes.  Alright, maybe not 7 million, but dude has more samples than after a trip to Kiehls (in fact, his music is all samples). JUICE checked out  All Day to see if it could keep us going all night…

From indie, pop, hip hop, rap and the classics, this album is a pop culture fan’s wet dream. All Day is not without moments of genius; Rye Rye’s ‘Bang’ over Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name Of’, Ludacris takes on Pheonix’s ‘1901’, Jay Z gets the ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’ with The Cure’s “I’ll Stop The World and Melt With You’ playing in the background. But for every spark of genius, there’s at least 4 of mediocrity.

While overall it’s a pretty solid ride, it all ends tragically when Gille’s takes John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and covers it in Lil John-esque  ‘yahs’ and ‘uhs’ and ‘ohs’. Arguably the worst thing to happen to Lennon since Mark David Chapman.

Greg Gilles blew us all away back in the early noughties with his mind bending mashups/sampling shtick from Night Ripper and Feed The Animals. But since then, there’s been an advent of new technology, access to tracks, sampling and macbook producers in general. While Gilles is still the best at what he does, this pony is gonna need another trick to keep up with the circus.

Listen To: The whole thing, it’s meant to be played at once

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All Night is completely free. Download it here.