Getting Inked at Palate Palette

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This last week, this JUICE intern received the privilege of getting inked at Palate Palette (for future interns: don’t worry, it’s not a requirement for the job). Taking place every Wednesday, Ink & Drink is a weekly night that is sponsored by a tattoo studio every month, an event that sees body art fans meet with belly dancing. I was lucky enough to get an idea that I’ve had for a while put to skin, and by none other than the talented tattoo artist Elton Nonis from Black Cat Tattoo Studio!

Elton Nonis getting down to business..

I arrived at Palate Palette in the evening, got a bite of some delicious chicken chop at the restaurant downstairs, and then proceeded to the tattoo station that was set up by the Black Cat Tattoo Studio boys, headed by Julian Oh. Palms clammy, a slight perspiration kicked in, I was told that the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Pegasus tattoo would take about 3 hours to finish. As the belly dancing by Nanci the Bohemian Barbiedoll started off, so did mine and Elton’s tattoo session. Laid back with a steady hand, he proceeded to put needle to skin and ended up doing a great job of the whole design. A congregation of other fellow tattoo artists and friends came to support the event and gathered around the station to check out the work at hand.

Almost there!

It was a pretty surreal yet awesome experience to say the least, I have several tattoos already but never had one tattooed live before. For Elton himself, there were literally people breathing down his neck to check out his work, but props to him for being able to perform under pressure! Having other passer-by’s come and watch, with their jaws dropped and eyes popping; it was definitely entertaining.

The Finished Product

Ink & Drink is undoubtedly the most innovative residency night that you’ll find in KL; live tattooing, with an friendly alternative crowd and belly dancing? We’re all for it! What’s even crazier is that I managed to get this epic design for free! A big thanks has to go to Slim and Su-Ann from Palate Palette, the Black Cat Tattoo Studio team and most importantly Elton Nonis! So if you are thinking of getting inked, submit your design to Palate Palette (must be 4″ by 4″) and you may just find yourself sitting in the chair getting tattooed for free for the next Ink & Drink!

Happy faces all round!

To check out more pics from the night, click here. To find out more about Ink & Drink, head here. And if you want to get in contact with the team from Black Cat Tattoo Studio, head to their Facebook group here.