Get Your Loved Ones to Hear Again with 20dB’s Free Screening & 30-Day Hearing-Aid Trial

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No matter their age, having your parents in your life is a blessing. For Gen X and Millennials, whose parents are ageing, this is even more so.

However, this blessing can sometimes come with uncomfortable conversations with your parents about unpopular topics such as when it’s time to stop driving or living independently, or when it’s time to get that second medical opinion, or when it’s time to get a hearing aid to improve communication.

If you really think about it, people with blurry vision wouldn’t dream of going without a good pair of prescription specs. Our hearing, however, seems to be a different story.

Studies have shown that when hearing loss is ignored, it can hasten cognitive decline. Not being able to hear means your parents will have a harder time connecting with others which leads to social isolation, feelings of helplessness, and low mood. Even your own interactions with your folks may become strained due to their hearing loss, and this is no way to spend your precious time together.

(source: Stocksy United)

Hearing loss affects approximately 500 million people worldwide and it is a common health problem among adults 50 years or older. The problem though is that not many people realise that their hearing is deteriorating until it is too late. This is exactly why going for a hearing screening is important for your loved ones!

Hearing tests measure how loud a sound needs to be for an individual to hear it and how clear the sound is. Through this, a person can determine whether they would need a hearing aid to help improve their quality of life or not.

For many adults past the age of 50, hearing aids can be a life-changer not just for them but also for the people around them. While seniors may feel cautious about looking old, at the end of the day – they’ll soon realise that hearing aids are a gift for anyone they interact with.

Now, before you say that hearing aids are bulky and ugly, just know that hearing aids have evolved into intricate communication systems that are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most hearing aids now incorporate a range of different technologies and features that will help people reconnect with the world around them.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look:

Now hear this…

20dB will be celebrating their 18th anniversary and in conjunction with that, they are offering a free hearing test and if needed – a free hearing aid trial up to 30 days!

Here are the simple steps on how to get the free hearing screening and stand a chance to win the hearing aids:

1. First things first – sign-up for the free trial by clicking, here.
2. Head down to any of 20dB’s outlet to get the free hearing test.
3. The audiologist will then give the free trial and there will even be a follow-up session for fine-tuning in the next week!

By signing up for the trial, your loved ones get to join the lucky draw where they stand a chance to win a pair of Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R worth RM9,900 or up to 48 mystery gifts.

The contest ends on 31 October 2020, so make sure you act fast!

The Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R in action!

20dB is a top-notch hearing healthcare group with 24 outlets, and more than 40 experienced audiologists, speech therapists and clinical psychologists. They are also the first leading hearing aids professional in Malaysia which you can trust, as their goal is to help their patients hear again and of course, communicate better.

At 20dB, you’ll get to work with a certified audiologist as they carry out the hearing test and understand your demands to find a hearing aid that’s perfect for your lifestyle needs.

One thing that’s cool about 20dB is that they also offer a product cover protection plan which cannot be found at any other hearing service centres. It is a comprehensive service and support plan that extends your coverage to three years against damage due to accident, theft or product fault.

So, if you want to improve the quality of life for your loved ones, you know where to go!

If you have any questions, contact 20dB by calling 1800 88 2032 or you can WhatsApp at 012 9427729. 

Make sure to check out 20dB’s website for more information. 

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