Get Ready for a Night Scene Takeover by The Martell Noblige Party Series

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source: Martell

Looking for an awesome place to party?

source: Martell

Martell Noblige is set to take over local bars and clubs throughout Malaysia, and you won’t want to miss out!

Be curious and experience Martell Noblige with a celebration of music, art, and urban thrills. Get ready to indulge at these elite parties!

As always, Martell’s craftsmanship is outstanding and with the introduction of Martell Noblige, you’ll be treated to unparalleled finesse. Martell Noblige is a reference to the French saying ‘Noblesse oblige,’ which means high standards. Packaged in a classy and sleek bottle, Martell Noblige is a symbol of sophistication. 

source: Martell

Martell Noblige can be served neat, on the rocks, as a long drink, or in a cocktail 

This new cognac is packed with fruity flavours on the nose, most notably, lemon, pear, and prune. Additional woody flavours as vanilla, cedar, and oak take it over the edge.

Martell Noblige tastes elegant, with a generous structure of smoothness and strength. 

source: Martell

The Party Series is based on five themes to get you hyped on the lit lifestyle trend that is Martell Noblige’s identity. Get ready to get down with costumed dancers and more at these epic themed parties: 

1. Light up the night with J-pop and K-pop at the Harajako Parties

source: Martell

Unleash your inner creativeness on a fun-filled and colourful night of Japanese and Korean themed DJs and Harajako dancers.

2. Enjoy the best of the local hip-hop scene at The Hood Parties

source: Notey

Get down and dirty with street-style Capoeira dancers and shake your money-maker with local top R&B and Hip Hop DJ duo at the Hood.

3. Go oriental with Muay Thai costumed dancers at Mai Pen Rai

source: Martell

Savour delicious mango sticky rice served by Muay Thai boxers and enjoy the high performing, high enery Thai DJ coupled with authentic Mai Pen Rai dancers.

4. Get the VIP experience at Bespoke Nights

source: @lucillecroft/Instagram

Enjoy the bespoke experience with a guest DJ from Australia, take plenty of selfies with  an antique classic Mitsuoka car on display, and take part in the Bespoke Dance machine challenge.

5. Dance to sick beats with EDM, Trance, and House at the Futurism Party

source: Martell

Immerse yourself in the futuristic visuals and light display show with a regional EDM DJ, while LED usherettes are on hand to serve you throughout the night.

The Martell Noblige Party Series is set to rejuvenate your party lifestyle with the elements of indulgence 

Besides the exquisite flavour of the cognac, and the dignified shape and cut of the bottle, Martell Noblige represents a refined party.

For more information on the participating outlets, check out! 

source: Martell

This article was originally published by SAYS

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