Get On The Cover Of Hanger!

Think you can work it better than Amy? This Saturday at Hex, we’ve lined up a huge Hanger mock cover so that all our fantastic guests can pose in front of it. So dress to impress, especially if you’re going to be in front of our Hanger cover! On top of that, there’s also the 2 round trip flights to Japan thanks to Air Asia X to the best dressed and more giveaways announced below…

So not only are we giving our much loved guests the chance to have their own Hanger cover, we’re going to be giving away many a prize at this very chic event. This includes products from Havainas, Reebok and Puma sneakers, Victorinox watches, Vans tees and more to be announced! Here at JUICE, we’re literally bursting at the seams in anticipation for this event!

With music from Twinkies and Leftblock gracing our ears, also make sure that your outfit suits the theme of ‘Hot In The City’ – dress in the style of London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. It’s going to be a night celebrating pure fashion and we hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

Hanger Launch party will be taking place at Hex on the 27th of November at 8pm. By invitation only. For more updates, follow us on Twitter!