Get Kawaii with Your Favourite DreamWorks Animated-Characters at 7-Eleven with KouKou

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With so much negativity in the world today, and with people constantly criticising everything on social media, sometimes you just need to chill out and squeeze something cute. And since even pets get annoyed with over-affection, here’s something that’s cute and not to mention, free – in a way.

7-Eleven and KouKou get adorable with your favourite characters from DreamWorks animations such as Madagascar and Shrek. To get these toy collectibles, customers will have to spend minimum RM5 in a single receipt to get a sticker and collect all 22 stickers to redeem themselves a KouKou. If they purchase at least 1 partner product in every RM5, they will be entitled to 1 bonus sticker (checkout the 2nd pic in the FB post above for partner products).

There are a total of 20 designs of collectible KouKou.

Sticker Issuance Period will be from 29 Aug – 23 Oct 2017; while Redemption Period is 29 Aug – 30 Oct 2017.

In conjunction with cute campaign, KouKou fans can also enter the ‘What is Your Kou Kou Doing?’ contest from 5th Sep – 23 Oct 2017.

Once the participants have redeem their KouKou, participants have to snap a creative Boomerang video of what their KouKou is doing and post the Boomerang video either on their Facebook wall or Instagram account with the hashtags #DreamWorksKouKou #7ElevenMY #WYDKouKou.

Checkout 7-Eleven Malaysia’s Facebook Page for more information.