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After a 4-year hiatus, Dirty Vegas are back! Comprising of Ben Harris and Paul Harris on percussion and production, along with the distinctive vocal talents of Steve Smith, Dirty Vegas exploded onto the scene in 2002 with their self-titled debut album, featuring the legendary ‘Days Go By’ and ‘Ghosts’.  It’s high time as we last saw Dirty Vegas / Paul Harris on decks at Revelation in Port Dickson in 2005. 

The Grammy award-winning UK dance band’s debut was a massive success landing at #7 in the Billboard 200. The 2nd album One followed in 2004 on Parlophone and was more of guitar band affair featuring the massive hit ‘Walk into the Sun’.  But the group will return to their dance roots for album #3, after they signed an album deal with Toolroom Records.

First dance single ‘Pressure’ is a seriously heavy hitter that has grabbed tastemaker Pete Tong by the short and curlies gaining repeated plays on Radio 1’s Essential Selection. It’s also been given a rerub by Montreal’s eminent Sultan and Ned Shepard, who are responsible for setting Beatport’s Top 10 Chart on fire recently with 3 consecutive tracks. 

Says Steve of the hook up, “During my solo years from Dirty Vegas, making loads of club tracks, I started a great relationship with Mark, Owen and all at Toolroom. So when Dirty Vegas decided to get back together and go more ‘clubby’, Toolroom was the obvious choice.” Nice to have you back, boys.

The 2nd single ‘Changes’ drops around March or April just in time for Miami WMC. Check out Dirty Vegas on Myspace at or join their Facebook page at

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