Get All of Dem Malaysian Vibes at Minut Init

The first weekend of Merdeka month will see an apt revelry of all things that make Malaysia truly Asia (apologies for borrowing this Tourism Board cliché) via a two-day revelry of art, music, and poetry. Dem Malaysian Vibes, as it is called, is a team effort by young visual artists Mawar Artworks and Fay Ulrica, whose purpose for the event is to “highlight and remind viewers of the little details” that make both East and West Malaysia what they are – yep, fret not, East Malaysia is getting its fair share of representation too.

The gallery is up for viewing 3pm onwards, but if you’re just there for the dancefloor and drinks, the bar opens at 9pm. Peep the full itinerary below:

Saturday 5 August
9pm – 9.30pm Son Of A Policeman (SOAP)
10pm -10.30pm GTXperiment
11pm -12am Unspecified DJ

Sunday 6 August
7.15pm -7.30pm Anjali Nijjar Venugopal
7.40pm – 7.55pm Valerie Vanessa
8.05pm – 8.20pm Trina Teoh
9pm – 9.15pm Rose S. Tan
9.30pm – 10pm Alphabetical Theory
10pm – 12am Unspecified DJ

For a taste of Mawar Artworks and Fay’s respective works, see below:

Mawar Artworks©
Mawar Artworks©
Mawar Artworks©
Fay Ulrica©
Fay Ulrica©
Fay Ulrica©

Stay updated by following its event page here.