Gender Equality Talks: How to Intervene in Domestic Violence

Date Wed, 16th Nov '16
Time 1pm - 2pm
Venue RUANG By Think City

Domestic violence isn’t as uncommon as it should be, unfortunately. More often than not, friends are aware of their friends involvement in an unhealthy relationship but are clueless as to how to help (i.e. “if they don’t ask for help, don’t interfere”), but there are steps that an outsider can take to help someone who feels helpless; which can be learnt at this discussion.

This talk is in conjunction with a 16-day programme organised by the Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO), which aims to educate on the activism against gender-based violence. The panellist for this day includes Fadilah Nizar, who is a survivor and advocate against domestic violence, Bernice Chauly, a writer and educator, and Natasha Dandavati, WAO’s advocacy officer. The talk only lasts for an hour, so don’t be Malaysian about your arrival time.

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