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Like every street style photographer, Nicholas’ had a passion in both photography and fashion and decided to merge both interests together by picking up the camera and making the streets his subject.

Images Garbage Lapsap

Born of mixed parentage (Japanese and Chinese), Nicholas’ mother was a big influence, as he said “In Japanese culture, a lot of emphasis is given into dressing up well and I was exposed to this at a young age.” Nicholas’ stint residing and working in the music industry in Taiwan further exposed him to a local urban scene there that was constantly fashionable. It was all too different when he returned to KL for good. Nicholas was shocked to find that the fashion scene is KL was devoid of any specific look or culture.

Three years on, Nicholas started to notice that the local street fashion was slowly but surely improving making it the perfect time to start the site to “capture Malaysia’s unique style to showcase it to the world” he declared. He then continued, “It initially started out as a hobby but by looking at my peers in other countries, I started to learn more and more and it was then that I began to realize that street snaps are an integral part of developing the local scene”. Garbage Lapsap is gaining a strong following after only being created 6 months ago with rewarding moments when he receives comments and feedback from people all over the world. “It’s very humbling, I must say, to have someone from across the globe give you a pat on the back.”

Like any hobby there are disadvantages, but the only one Nicholas has come across so far is the fact that people in KL can be really shy when he walks up to someone to get their picture taken. Nicholas insists that he doesn’t have set criteria when it comes to finding a subject – but he does love people who have a strong sense of individualistic style. “Someone with great style to is someone who manages to look chic and glamorous without trying too hard. You don’t have to look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Confidence and deportment is the most essential ingredient in having great style” advises Nicholas. Remember wherever you are, he might be watching you. You might never know where might show up. “It all depends on what’s happening in the city, I attend all kinds of events and gatherings. I bring my camera along all the time so look out for a guy carrying a camera and a huge bag”

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