Gear Up Fam! JD Sports Just Launched Nike Epic React and It’s Selling Hot!

Shoes, shoes, shoes! We can never have enough of them especially if it’s coming from JD Sports. JD is keeping our Chinese New Year spirits in an all time high by having Nike’s biggest launch of the year, the Nike Epic React.

Now that you have all that good ang pow (red packet) money, it’ll be a waste if you didn’t treat yourself to something sweet. Cause let’s face it, tolerating nosy aunties, and loud baby cousins for the whole week of CNY is a hefty job itself. So you should reward your closet, but most importantly, reward yourself with a cool pair of kicks from the collection that’s available for both men, women, and even juniors.

The Nike Epic React is now Nike’s softest and bounciest sneaker they’ve ever produced. Imagine running in these babies, which comes with a softer, lighter and more durable foam cushioning. Perfect for that instant short run around the park or your neighbourhood. What’s even cooler? It also comes in four distinctive colourways: navy blue, fresh white, black and grey, with a pop of turquoise blue and pink accents to make sure you’ll still looking good while running.

What are you waiting for? REACT now and cop the shoes at their online site or via their Apple Store/Google Play app!