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In a neighbourhood packed full of car workshops, it is only a natural selection for the founders of Garage 51, who are Melbourne-inspired coffee enthusiasts themselves, to set up Malaysia’s first cafe inside a garage.

From the owners who brought you CoffeeSociété over at Solaris Mont Kiara, Garage 51 is the newest not-to-be-missed (and not to mention, hard-to-miss) cafe in town. If you happen to be in Sunway, and noticed an enormous coffee-inspired graffiti art at the end of a row of shop lots – that’s Garage 51!

One of the biggest cafes in Klang Valley, Garage 51 is your one stop cafe to get your coffee fix, from a wide range of coffee that feeds the caffeine addiction, including Specialty Coffees, notably the Pour Over and the Syphon, their ever popular House Blend, and their signature drink, Mochatella on Garage Coffee Cubes, made from frozen coffee ice cubes, Nutella and milk.

Besides their top notch coffee beverages, Garage 51 is a great reason for a place to meet up with friends for some conversations over coffee, with its garage-themed interior design. The cafe houses furnishings that are made almost entirely from restored industrial items, like used aluminium, old wooden planks, and a recycled shipment container where the kitchen is in!

source: Garage 51 source: Garage 51 source: Garage 51

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