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So what inspires you? We zoom in on 4 inspiring individuals, CJ Gan of Baconroll Hand, 8TV Quickie host Adam Zain and couple Lynda and Sukeats of Pink Tattoos and Wheelove Skateshop – individuals who have forged their own path to make their mark in their chosen fields. Hopefully their stories will inspire you to forge your own.

The first step to greatness is often the easiest, yet we somehow have obstacles in life that stop us from chasing a dream.“Don’t think, just do,” are great words of advice from 8TV Quickie host Adam Zain for anybody that wants to make the first step – it’s exactly what he himself did.

Hello Adam! Besides being a host on 8tv Quickie, a little bird told us you’ve got some projects on the side like building homes and saving oceans. Do tell us! We’d love to know all about it. What sparked the idea to get involved in orang asli and environmental projects etc?
I’ve always talked about wanting to get involved in volunteering but never really took the steps to doing it. Then a friend posted a link on Facebook calling for volunteers for a project called EPIC Homes. The aim was to build a house for an orang asli family in 3 days and after a quick read through the details, I simply had to be part of this project. I didn’t hesitate signing up and I think that was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on 3 separate projects with EPIC Homes and have met some incredible people along the way.

As for saving the ocean, I have a friend, who is an avid diver who told me about the coral reef conservation project. She asked me if I would be interested in spending 5 nights at a beautiful island off the coast of Semporna Sabah, snorkel in some of the most pristine waters in the world and also do some volunteering work along the way. I just couldn’t say no!

Why is the concept of helping people in need and helping the environment so hard to grasp in general?
I don’t think it’s a particularly hard concept to grasp and I truly believe that most Malaysians understand the importance of helping those in need, the environment etc. The only problem is that in this day in age, we’re all so caught up in our lives that we tend to relegate it down our list of priorities and it ends up being a case of ‘I’m too busy with work’ or ‘I just don’t have the time’. But guess what? You’ll always be busy with your job, and work will never stop. It’s just down to you whether you want to make the time and help! Believe me, it’s very possible.

Do you think your side projects have made an impact in any way?
I certainly hope so! The projects I was involved in were and are still currently headed by some of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met so I’m confident that in their capable hands, they will meet their respective goals.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m not one to really make plans for the future and I enjoy taking each day as it comes. I never expected to be wielding power tools in an orang asli kampung in batang kali! It just so happened to catch my attention so I signed up! Who knows what kind of projects might pop up!

What kind of mark do you hope to leave behind?
I never really thought about that to be honest! I guess thinking about it, I hope that what little I did contribute has actually made a difference in someone else’s life and that maybe our actions have inspired others to help in their own capacity, big or small.

Will you/have you used your profession to educate and bring awareness to the environment etc.?
I can’t say there is any skill specific to my profession that has directly helped but I like to think that sharing stories of my experiences over a cup of coffee is a start!

What advice would you like to give someone who wants to get into projects too?
Don’t think. Just do.

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