GAP 0% Plastic Bag: GAP Celebrates Earth Day 2012 With 4 Local Street Artists

Celebrated in 175 countries, Earth Day (22 April) is a global movement in effort to raise awareness on the importance of saving the environment, a cause which Gap has supported for the past 4 years through its 0% Plastic Bag campaign which encourages customers to use their tote bags instead of plastic bags. This year, GAP teamed up with 4 local street artists to design their very own 100% unbleached cotton totes based on the campaign’s tagline “0% Plastic”. JUICE sat down with Skyy Chun, Skinner, Affa and Skuirtgun to chat about their designs and their own personal views on environmental awareness.


Technicolour uses different coloured monochrome films to produce a movie. Similarly, to produce something beautiful, we need every shape, size and colour. United we stand for beautiful Mother Earth. Let’s paint our lives in technicolour” – Adrian Nunis

GAP Malaysia picked this Junior Art Director as a suitable candidate to represent the youth and the local street art scene after discovering his past work and collaborations. Affa was drawn to this “Go Green” project and saw the potential for his design to be mass printed with a brand like Gap. His 0% Plastic tote reflects his signature pop art style and its culture within the 50s & 60s. “Initially I was working on a visual direction towards the consequences of us ignoring our usage of plastic. The visual ended up being pretty “dark” and dull. I was trying to find a solution and then the “Technicolour” idea sparked,” he explained.

What was the process of this collaboration from concept to execution?
Basically, the whole idea of going green and being an eco nation is for us to have a better place to live in. In relation to the idea, ‘Life in Technicolor’ by Coldplay inspired me through its life enchanting lyrical meanings and tune.

What is your personal take on environmental issues and what are your ways of helping the environment in your daily schedule?
Well, I keep most of my used art materials and try re-using them if possible. I have this thing for most of my belongings in general actually. Also, most of the time, I’ll be carrying a canvas tote or a shopper along whenever I’m out. I guess maybe I’m not a fan of plastic bags. I practice whatever I believe in whenever I can.

Do you think awareness is enough to help the environment?
I’m sure most of us are aware of this issue. Awareness is just a small step to getting people to know about it, but nothing will happen if there’s no action involved which I think is still an issue here in Malaysia.