Gangster Doodles’ Rappers On Post-It Notes


Yep, that’s what Yeezus would look like if he met Jesus. Gangster Doodle, or following his birth name Marlon Sassy (both names are rad), has been illustrating members of the pop culture community using the best material known to (corporate) man; post-it notes, highlighters, and pens. He’s been doodling for over a year, using social media platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Big Cartel to showcase his work, which worked out great as Valley Cruise Press was interested in compiling his art in a 48-page book. Marlon has even expanded from post-its to t-shirts as he just recently launched his own clothing line.

Check some of his doodles out below:

For more gangster doodles follow his Tumblr here