Gallows Commit Murder, Then Social Suicide

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If meat is murder (yes it is) then Gallows aren’t completely innocent. Just as the swine flu descended upon the human race like an insidious killer virus, out came news that Brit punk band Gallows recorded the death squeals of an innocent pig being slaughtered for their new album, Grey Britain.

In an exclusive video interview with dated April 23, which you can watch at, Gallows bassist Stu Gili-Ross claimed the gruesome feat to be “true” saying, “The samples on the album are real.” “We went into a halal slaughterhouse where a pig was getting slaughtered for food. I wouldn’t say it was a pig getting murdered, that’s a bit strong. It was going to die anyway so we just turned up with a microphone and captured the sounds.” Hmm….

PETA weren’t the only ones appalled by the horrible revelation and the flippant ‘tude, so were we. And when PETA piped up and alerted Gallows to possibility of turning off their sensitive vegetarian punk fanbase (ha!), Gallows demured, later issuing a statement to on April 28 in which they admitted to telling a porkie, or at least being misleading/misunderstood.

Perhaps the halal slaughter house for pigs claim should have given the ruse away, at any rate Gallows fessed up to lifting the sounds of harrowing porcine death throes from the internet. “We would never harm an animal for the sake of our music,” the statement read. “The sample is taken from the internet and we even traced it to come from Spain where they still use inhumane forms of slaughter. ” Even adding “We do not want to upset our fans who we consider intelligent enough to realise we didn’t kill a pig or any other kind of animal to achieve the sounds on ‘Grey Britain’.” Hmph … whatever dudes. Just cause you didn’t kill the pig by your own hand doesn’t make it ok.

If the sound of an animal in distress is the new definition of punk then it’s a sad day for punk. Today animals, tomorrow particularly ugly babies….

Grey Britain was released on May 4. JUICE won’t be buying a copy. Or illegally downloading it. Yeah, that’s how serious we are. Oh and lead singer Frank Carter has red hair….

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