Gadget Store Owner Helps Single Father With Only RM24 Left To Buy a Phone, M’sians Offer To Repay

Source: Mohd Fadli Salleh Facebook

Mohd Fadli Salleh is an electronic gadget store owner in Gombak whose recent act of kindness managed to restore our faith in humanity by helping a broke single father to buy a new phone at his store.

Fadli, who’s also a primary school teacher, took to his social media to tell a story of his recent encounter with the single father who came into his store with only RM24 in his pocket to purchase a phone in instalments.

According to The Star, the man is a divorcee who works as a Grab driver to care of his 72-year-old mother and his 4-year-old child.

The man showed Fadli the contents of his wallet to prove his troubles and told Fadli that, “This is all that I have. My phone is broken. How will I drive Grab? Can I pay in instalments?”

In hesitation, he started to walk away and considered to borrow money from a loan shark when Fadli informed the man that his shop did not accept payments in instalments.

Within a second, Fadli had a change of heart and offered the man a new phone, to which the man reminded Fadli that he had no money to pay for it at the moment.

“My shop doesn’t accept instalments. I would go bankrupt if I allowed everyone to be in debt.

“But I’m a human being and so are you. You’re desperate and in need of help, if I can help, then I will definitely help.”

Source: Mohd Fadli Salleh Facebook

Fadli said that the man was in tears when told that he could take the phone and pay when he has the extra cash. The man then offered Fadli his IC to keep as collateral, but Fadli declined.

Fadli also gifted the man a box of essentials that contained a pack of rice, cooking oil, sugar, milk and sardines since he had already prepared a few boxes of essential goods at his store as part of his initiative for the Dana Kita non-governmental organisation.

“I told him to take it home to cook with his mother.”

“At this time, he did not say anything more, tears just ran down his face,” said Fadli.

Source: Mohd Fadli Salleh Facebook

Under the comment section of the post which has now garnered over 2.3k comments as of time of writing, Fadli revealed that more than 20 people have contacted him to help the man pay for the phone.

This shows how united Malaysians can be as a society even if we’re strangers, Fadli also congratulated the netizens of Malaysia for the kindness shown.

“Everyone is united regardless of race, religion and ethnicity to help those in need. Congratulations all,” said Fadli.