G-Shock x Stephen Lau

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Put one of the most iconic watch brand, G-Shock with one of Malaysia’s leading masters of art and design and you get a piece of mind on your wrist. How many of you can say you created a G-Shock watch? Well, now Stephen Lau can.

Last July, well-known urban culture webzine and creative agency Streething brought the G-Shock “Shock The World Tour” to KL-the event also blazed through major cities like London, Berlin, New York, Paris and Barcelona. Besides showcasing brand new collections from G-Shock, the event also highlighted some fresh local collaborations.

One of them was from visual graphic artist and designer Stephen Lau, who was also JUICE‘s cover boy for the month of April. Stephen Lau is no stranger to the design scene in Malaysia with a portfolio that includes Nike, Tiger Beer, UNIQLO, IdN magazine, Coca-Cola, MTV and Visa Australia. He’s also behind Minor Player, the nonconformist, multi-creative studio he founded in 2005; and Jam Division, his own fashion label.

For his G-Shock project, Stephen took the G6900 model and recreated it using his own style. He explains his creation as being “a minimal design and simple concept that reflect my soul. One is my favourite childhood superhero and the other is my favourite watch from my adolescence. Now I have the chance to put them together as one. And it’s a great feeling to recall good old memories.”

For more Stephen Lau, head over to www.minorplayer.com, www.facebook.com/stephenLCO and www.jamdivision.com. Get updates on G-Shock at www.g-shock.com.

Images Streething

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