FWD Pres. Interlude

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Thinking there’d be less fashion-related events after an entire week of celebrating local designers (but most importantly, being seen dolled up) just a couple of weeks ago would be absurd — fashion stops for nobody. Interlude will be showing collections from three designers (two of whom are stocked at Thisappear+), namely Justin Chew, Zakwan Anuar, and Malaysian-born London-based James Hock. Another Thisappear+ resident that will be present at the show is Joe Chia, however, he will not be showing garments but an exhibition instead. What the exhibition entails is anyone’s guess as it’s a secret for now. Apparels aside, music will be handled by Irama, XU, and Jane Chuck. The event is open to everyone above the age of 18, to secure your invite, be sure to email [email protected].

More on the event here

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