Mat.Joe’s Soul & Hip Hop-Infused Crisp House Beats in KL

Date Sat, 25th Feb '17
Time 10pm
Venue Elysium

Matze and Johannes, the non-portmanteau namesake of duo Mat.Joe, are equally as fond of house as they are of hip hop. After all, it was rap, breakdance, and skateboarding that connected the two of them – a bond that formed their first attempt as a duo, hip hop production house Twomanics. It wasn’t until they moved to Berlin (no surprise there) that they found a new artistic direction in soul and hip hop-steeped house. FWD, never short on quality German acts to book, will bring them to our shores this Saturday 25 February ’17, with South Korean Injoo Wie and FWD’s own X.U. as supporting acts.

Listen to Mat.Joe’s CrispyUrbanBeats series below:

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