FWD Brings Hamburg House Duo Adana Twins to Jiro KL

Established in 2006, it wasn’t until 2012 that Adana Twins – Take It Easy and Friso – had their first real hits; ‘Everyday’ and ‘Strange’. Though emerging from the woodwork during the heydays of the French indie-electro takeover, the two of them soon grew tired of the genre’s maximalist (or to quote Daft Punk, “harder, stronger, faster”) approach, which consequently led to the deeper grooves of their current sound that was practised during their all-night-long DJ shows (eight to ten hour sets!) at Reeperbahn club Baalsaal. Despite now constantly touring – Ibiza, New York, Berlin, Brazil, and Manchester in their resume – and having had experienced their first few festivals, namely Loveland and MELT, the boys still take the time to represent their hometown Hamburg via bimonthly night Adana Night at EGO Club. The scene they’ve created there isn’t limited to just fans of dance music, they also draw people from their former careers in design and advertising, making Adana Night a microcosm of Hamburg’s reputation as the media capital of Germany. Ever forward-thinking in their curation of the KL nightlife, FWD brings the duo to Jiro KL, with South Korea’s Injoo Wie and Jiro’s resident Alan Tand as openers.

Listen to Adana Twins’ most recent mix below:

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