Future Sound Asia Issues Letter of Claim Against Good Vibes Festival Act, The 1975

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It has been a few weeks since the Good Vibes Festival fiasco that resulted in the total cancellation of the three-day event. What started out as a good time for all who attended ended in disaster when The 1975 stepped onto the stage. 

Source: BBC

Future Sound Asia (FSA), the organisers of Good Vibes Festival has released a statement on their issuing a Letter of Claim to The 1975 and demanding that the British pop band acknowledge their liability and compensate the organiser for all the damages incurred. 

Should The 1975 fail to comply, Future Sound Asia will be pursuing legal proceedings in the Courts of England. In a press statement, Future Sound Asia has once again reiterated their strong disapproval of The 1975’s behaviour during their performance at GVF2023. 

Lead singer Matt Healy’s use of abusive language, equipment damage, and indecent stage behaviour not only flagrantly breached local guidelines and Malaysian laws but also tarnished the reputation of the 10-year-old festival.

Source: Good Vibes Festival Facebook page

This breach directly led to the festival’s cancellation, resulting in significant financial losses for FSA and negatively impacting local artists and businesses that depended on the festival’s success. 

Hopefully, we will see The 1975 take responsibility for their actions during the festival and Future Sound Asia is successful in their pursuit of compensation from the Manchester-based band.