Future pres. Boys Noize @ Zouk

Who says electro is dead? The bleepy genre might be plagued by throngs of wannabe DJs with basic Ableton knowledge, but thankfully there are still people keeping it fresh. People like German producer/DJ Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize, who gave KL a mid-week kick in the proverbial nads. We loved it.

Jetting across the seas for event organiser and promoter Future Sound Asia’s 10th anniversary, Boys Noize brought the dancefloor at Zouk to feverish highs and with the help of LapSap, Goldfish, Jee Hoe and HypeEmBeats, packed the club’s mainroom from entrance to exit; it was hard to even get a drink. Girls got on the podiums shoulder-to-shoulder and started pumping their fists. It was a sexy sight.

The beat maestro definitely was on form. Some DJs say you can’t play loud, nasty beats all the way throughout a set but that wasn’t the case with Boys Noize who kept his dirty mash of electro house and techno aggressive until the end. And by that time, the revellers were already planning to meet up for the next electro night. Bang boy! Bang!

Future pres. Boys Noize @ Zouk went down on 6 October 2010. Get a load of the action in our gallery. Happy anniversary Future Sound Asia!