Future Music Festival Asia 2015 Moves To Singapore!


That’s right! Though we’re reeling at the sad realisation that we won’t be hosting FMFA anymore and we’ll have to make the trip down to the Lion City for the festival, but hey, it’s been a great three year run. 2015’s instalment of FMFA will be a two-day event, from 14 to 15 March ’15. Moving to a new country signals a metamorphosis for the region’s best music festival. You can be assured that with Singapore’s world-class infrastructures, FMFA will soon rise to the ranks of mega music fests from all over the world.  For now, a lot of information about the actual event has been nebulous, only with the reassurance that it will be bigger, better, and other comparative adjectives.

Upcoming details about the first phase lineup, venue, ticket prices will be announced on Monday 1 December ’14. Also, mark Saturday 22 November ’14 as the date when you can get your phalanges on limited early bird tickets here!

Get yourself ready.

For more information on Future Music Festival Asia 2015, visit here or here