Furniture: They Made Me Out Of Dreams You’ve Forgotten (Stickylight Records)

Dive into the dreamy journey of growing up through life’s ups and downs while being serenaded with quirky electronic sounds, haunting vocals, hard-rocking guitars and thumping drumbeats on Furniture’s sophomore release, which took a span of five years to make.

Unlike their debut release, Twilight Chases The Sun, this album has more of an upbeat indie pop feel compared to the shoegaze vibe of its predecessor. With evidently matured lyrics and solidified music arrangements, the album is a delight from start to finish. ‘All Too Morose Parties’, despite being awfully pun-ny, is an enjoyable upbeat song, but lyrically it’s about the end of the world.

The contrast of these elements work perfectly well and you can’t help but bop along to the catchy sound while contemplating the bleak possibility of the world ending. This album may only be the band’s 2nd release, but They Made Me Out Of Dreams is a strong representation of Furniture’s maturity in its musical approach and lyrics.

LISTEN TO: ‘All Too Morose Parties’, ‘Monuments’
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