Fujiya and Miyagi: Ventriloquizzing (Full Time Hobby)

Let not the opening strains of Ventriloquizzing and their moniker fool you; Fujiya and Miyagi is not a Japanese duo but a Brighton quartet.

4th album on, and the group has its hushed vocals + motorik synths + kraut rock rhythms down pat, albeit tinged with a little more experimentalism and sinister atmospherics. Not an Armstrong-ian step forward, but the Human-League-wired-up-to-Can sounds of ‘Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue’ and ‘Minestrone’ intrigue nevertheless.

Text: Christopher Ujine Ong

LISTEN TO: ‘Yoyo’, ‘Sixteen Shades Of Black & Blue’
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Pull some strings at www.myspace.com/fujiyaandmiyagi.