Fry Has Landed!

Hello everyone, meet Fry. We picked him up while in London as we thought he’ll make a great centrepiece for our Christmas tree eventhough he’s only less than 2 feet tall.

Fry actually comes from Kidrobot, which is a producer and retailer of designer toys founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz. They specialise in artist-created toys and imports from Japan, Hong Kong and Europe. The designer toys sold at Kidrobot are the centrepieces of a new and growing artistic movement. Artists that have worked with Kidrobot have gained celebrity status and have huge followings including USA artists Tristan Eaton, Paul Budnitz, Frank Kozik and many more.

Don’t look down on these Kidrobot toys, as they are extremely rare and collectible. You can choose to create a series but once a toy is sold out, it’s sold out forever. The toys retail from $6 to $20,000 and may appreciate in value over time. Kidrobot has also expanded into a whole vibrant line of apparels.

Kidrobot recently opened their latest store in London and that was how Fry landed into the hands of JUICE. He came in a really cool bag with his two sticker buddies. Hopefully, Fry will be worth a fortune someday or he’ll have to stay on top of the Christmas tree.

Fry’s other friends you can get your paws on.

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